Panel Upgrades

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Tired of Frequent Power Surges?

Look into an electrical panel upgrade in Riverside, CA

Dealing with frequent power surges and other electrical issues can be frustrating. When you're tired of faulty power, hire N Line Electric, Inc. for electrical panel repair and upgrade services.

Our experienced team serves both residential and commercial clients in the Riverside, CA area who want to improve their output while reducing the risk of electrical fires. Plan your electrical panel repair, replacement or installation project with us today.

When to get a panel upgrade

If you're not an expert electrician, you may not know when it's time to upgrade your panel. We recommend getting an electrical panel upgrade when you're...

  • Building a pool and need a panel that can handle the increased load
  • Dealing with higher electricity use and need a bigger panel for your new appliances
  • Remodeling and need to reconfigure your panel with new circuits
Upgraded panels will give your entire system the boost it needs to work properly. Reach out to our crew today for an electrical panel upgrade.